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Boldlipsforsicklecell has been extended an invitation from Tionne TBoz Watkins from the super group TLC to appear on her radio show in LA during September 2015. If you didn’t know TBoz has been a avid supporter of #BLFSC since its birthday on August 14,2014 created by Shamonica Wiggins named #BLFSC founder, along with co founder Jew-EL Darbone has been by her side pushing the campaign with such enthusiasm because she believed in its vision 100% . Now both Shamonica and Jew-EL have sickle cell disease growing up TBoz has been a woman of inspiration for them both because TBoz has accomplished so much success even though she has sickle beta thalassemia a rare form of sickle cell disease. They admire her work ethic and everything she has done by being a advocate for sickle cell, shamonica believes she is following in TBoz footsteps by creating boldlipsforsicklecell advocating for the sickle cell community so you can see why this is such a huge honor to be invited to her radio show in LA. We need your help to raise the funds for Shamonica and Jew-EL to get to LA for this amazing once in a lifetime opportunity to meet TBoz and be interviewed by her to let the world know about #Boldlipsforsicklecell along with spreading sickle cell awareness nationally. Please help our campaign #boldlipsforsicklecell awareness we need you.

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