Our Mission Statement

The mission of #boldlipsforsicklecell to educate and raise awareness for sickle cell disease through its advocates wearing bold lipstick colors. By doing this, they are making a loud and boisterous statement which in turn gains attention along with conversations being sparked. We want to infiltrate our surrounding communities by putting on different events that are geared towards educating and building awareness for sickle cell disease. #Boldlipsforsicklecell has become a fresh and relevant movement, intended to put a bold and flattering spotlight on this disease and its community. Sickle cell has been treated as sort of an underdog of diseases, and our purpose is to educate others about sickle cell through bold and attention-gamering marketing and promotions. By doing this we plan to continue to building a network of supporters and allies who will help make this disease as well-known and positively endorsed as the likes of breast cancer and other high profile diseases.

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